Alma is a claircognizant and intuitive empath with many years of experience.  She is a visionary with visions manifesting through the minds eye in forms of images and symbols.  She tunes into your voice vibrations and will help you by offering guidance to seek the best possible outcome of any situation.   Alma was born under the balsamic moon phase and has the grand water trine formation in her birth chart, these elements both bestow an overabundance of empathy, sensitivity and psychic energy.  The balsamic moon's Piscean watery layer gifts the bearer prophetic abilities.  Substantial water influence in the birth chart makes Alma a natural connector and conductor of spiritual energy.  Alma has the ability to feel, hold, and read the energy, emotions and intentions of people or situations.  Her reading style is direct with compassion and non-judgmental.  She delivers her readings with integrity and will give you what she feels, sees and hears, not  what she thinks you may like to hear.

You can expect a detailed reading bought together with messages from spirit, and one that covers the  aspects of your life where you need the most guidance.

Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships




Spiritual Development 



Readings conducted via phone appointments. 

Please contact us for any queries.

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